Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate – Gig Review

Dreadnought Rock, Bathgate
Gig Review
by Andrew West

Another Thursday night triple bill at the Dreadnought brings us an international flavor.
Top of the bill is LA act Venrez. The band have played the Dreadnought before a few years back with The King Lot. They are the brainchild of Hollywood film producer Steven Berez (Ven). With a sound not to removed from the likes of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. The set features some old songs but especially some songs from the soon to be released album “Element 115”.
The stand out song of the night is from the new record, ‘One Way Ticket’ is a tribute to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, a haunting grungy masterpiece of a tune written on the day that Ven heard of his friends death it steals the show alongside songs like ‘Predator’ and ‘Children of the Drones’.
Another great night of live music at the Dreadnought and with bands like The Quireboys and Massive Wagons appearing at the venue in the next few weeks the venue is going from strength to strength.


When a gig becomes an experience! – Subba-Cultcha.com review

It was a strange crowd, here to see the rock guitar legend that is Michael Schenker and his ‘Temple of Rock’ tour, but that aside, they were treated to one of those nights that was not a gig, but a really unexpected exciting experience.

The support band tonight were Venrez, a band out of LA comprising of Venrez himself on vocals, Cynthia Gillet on bass, Ed Davis on drums and Jason Womack on lead guitar. A motley crew who had definitely been around the block a few times, but that mattered not as they delivered a sublime set of high energy, hard, psychedelic rock music the likes of which has not been seen here for too many years.

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Sonic Abuse Venrez/Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock Live Review

It’s a Friday night in Nottingham and, in two neighbouring venues, two cracking metal gigs are taking place. In the Rescue Rooms Max Cavalera and his troops of doom in Soulfly are playing and, in Rock City, Michael Schenker is leading his awesome Temple of Rock project into battle. It’s an unfortunate conflict because it threatens to divide the audience somewhat, but happily Rock City is still comfortably full and the air is laden with anticipation for a concert that promises to showcase material from across the spectrum of a truly extraordinary career.

First, however, are Venrez. Venrez truly impressed SonicAbuse last year with their excellent album ‘Children of the drone’ and live they don’t disappoint. Superficially, the band have a somewhat incongruous look. With a bassist whose icy cool recalls Brigitte Nielson’s character in Beverly Hills Cop 2  and a drummer who seems to be Dave Grohl’s evil twin (and boy can he hit those skinshard), the band simply tear into the audience, laying down the hardest riffs this side of Schenker himself. Venrez has a voice that could level buildings, powerful and full of emotion and Jason Womack is one of those rare guitarists who somehow sounds like there’s at least three other guitarists playing on stage along with him.

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Ironworks Venue Inverness Live Show Review

It’s not often that a bona-fide metal guitar legend comes to town and when he does it’s only right that support is provided in the shape of LA upstarts Venrez. According to their biog, between them they have an extensive background of experience (drummer Ed Davis and guitarist Jason Womack are former members of Juliette Lewis and the Licks while Venrez used to be a movie producer and bassist Cynthia Gillet is a kickboxing champion and has toured with Billy Ray Cyrus) and this mishmash of experience has brought together an interesting and effective suckerpunch of rock music.

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Bilston Robin 2 Live Show Review

Frequent visitors to these shores over the last year or two, LA rockers Venrez are confident live performers. That road craft means that their more thumping, balls out moments, like “Devil’s Due” and “Children Of The Drones” (both from last year’s album of the same name as the latter) have rather morphed into menacing beasts and with Jason Womack in excellent form, the quartet are a heavier prospect on stage than you might imagine from their studio output.

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