– Venrez Camden review

“A force to be reckoned with… Venrez totally killed it with their powerful set!”

venrez-camdenVenrez graced the stage of The Purple Turtle mid-afternoon and those that weren’t there missed out on something special. Having performed a run of 9 shows with Richie Ramone across the UK, the band were showing no signs of this, with singer Venrez putting on a performance that was both mesmerising and energy fuelled in equal parts. With their hard rock sound and harmonies that sounded sublime throughout, ‘Karma’ kicked off the set in epic rock style as the guitar crunched along to a darker vocal.


New Video: Sacred Blood

The soundtrack theme song to the feature motion picture ‘Sacred Blood’, directed by Christopher Coppola, produced by Ross Angel & starring Anna Biani, Bailey Coppola, Michael Madsen, Bai Ling and Jeffrey Gliwa, from the Venrez album ‘Children Of The Drones’.


New York is known as the city that never sleeps, but Los Angeles is the city where rock keeps you awake! For Venrez, the rock band from downtown L.A. that’s definitely true. The front man of the group that gave his name to the band, Ven (as he is known to his friends) is the man behind all this. He managed to bring together four other great musicians and under his directions in 2011 they formed the band he always dreamed of.

Now, on board with 2015, Venrez has two successful LPs (Sell the Lie and American Illusion), a huge fan base, as well as a new album titled Children Of The Drones ready to hit the stores in early Febuary! Until then let’s find out all about their past, present and future, as we declare Venrez as Indie Band Of The Week!

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Venrez are a five piece collective with so many solid traits to bring to the table. This LA based rock outfit have plenty of musical experience under their belts with both guitarist Womack and drummer Ed Davis having previously played with Juliette Lewis and the Licks, guitarist Alex Kane is a former member of Life Sex and Death (LSD), and also Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, with bassist Michael Bradford being a childhood friend of Womack’s, so there’s certainly a strong musical chemistry there. Venrez have crafted a blazing hot sound that resonates with the fans on so many levels, maintaining a raw authentic feel to their live studio recordings, which is carried through into their live-on stage performances as well. The level of feeling and passion are as real and driving to the fans as if they are listening to a Venrez album or being rocked out in a stadium, It’s an outstanding creative attribute to harvest an authentic, less produced, studio sound and a sustainable bonus for their live performances. I would like to say that Venrez keep it real on all levels and have fused together typically all the musical influences that have penetrated their souls.

Jamie Mcdermid