Rock N Load Review – Children of the Drones

Venrez, a well established Hollywood producer at 56 years of age decided he wanted to form a band; a rock band. In 2011 that is precisely what he did causing quite the intriguing and sensational stir, with their captivating sound which I reckon is a whole new genre and a breath of fresh air.

It’s a good job that some of life’s smarter decisions don’t materialise until the care free, ‘I’m invincible and oh just for the hell of it’ attitudes have cocooned, been reborn and blossomed into one of the finest ideas one could possibly have.

Against all odds Venrez have delivered two very successful LPs ( Sell The Lie and American Illusion).  Which lead to touring the USA and UK/Europe with Slash, Alice Cooper, Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar. They have now embarked upon a third album which I found not only enchanting but down- right fantastic!

Maturity; along with a youthful mind and heart have been blended in this case, and is a rarity indeed.  You can’t be faulted for having an infatuation with a dream and ambition which Venrez obviously had been clutching close to his heart for some time. Songs like ‘Deep’ and ‘Reflection’ are slow, hypnotic with chiming guitar work echoing above the tinkling keyboards accentuating the heart pounding drum beats.


Dedicated Rocker Society – Children Of The Drones review

L.A. based rockers, Venrez are back with their third release, ‘Children Of The Drones’. Ven – vocals Jason Womack – guitars Nico D’Arnese – bass Ed Davis – drums. This time around the band serves up a sonic rock sound that goes for the throat. The most striking components for me, initially, are the pulsing, off-center arrangements of many of the tracks, suggesting a concept album built off of a palpitating heart monitor. Also notable are the thick textures and synths, which mesh with Jason Womack’s solid guitar delivery. There is something for everyone who likes any form of rock music on here.

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Heavy Metal Resource Review – Children Of The Drones

venrez_children_of_the_dronesHere’s a fairly unique band for you. I listened to this album quite a bit trying to figure out their sound and who it reminded me of. There’s some Alice in Chains in doses, but this band has a sound that’s not as common in today’s market. The album has a very cool vibe with it’s rich sounding atmospheric sound and smooth vocal work. Some albums are easy to figure out and some grow with time and become equally enjoyable. This album fits into the latter. Venrez are ambitious and determined. This is a good step in their journey. It will be cool to watch them continue to grow with each record.

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Heavy Paradise Review – Children Of The Drones

Los Angeles based modern heavy rockers Venrez released their debut, ‘American Illusion‘,  in 2013 and gained a very good feedback from fans and press. After the release of the debut, the band toured across the USA and UK/Europe with SLASH, ALICE COOPER, BUCKCHERRY andHARDCORE SUPERSTAR.

Nowadays, the band is back in business with the brand new album which is called “Children Of The Drones“. And as Ven (the lead singer) states : “”I think it’s what rock needs right now. It’s melodic, heavy, the groove is unique and the songs have lyrics with powerful lessons and messages. Venrez is a cerebral band that makes you think while you enjoy the music. I feel it’s a new genre all together, which I call ‘Epic Alternative Rock’ – or ‘EAR’ for short.

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Easily one of the more interesting releases to come out in awhile and it took the collaboration of guys from yesterday and today.

Believe it or not Venrez is 56 years old (or young) and is a well-known Hollywood producer.  Jason Womack pretty much plays every musical instrument ever invented, he writes the music, Ven does the lyrics and vocals. What comes out is a delicious mix of 80’s New Wave and modern Gothic Rock.  The closest thing I can even compare them to is Killing Joke, not really their sound but the “vibe” they unleash.  I also get flashbacks of Alice Cooper’s song “Clones” too.  They fall under the category of Alternative I guess, but they have some heavy guitars riffs and catchy lyrics that make they very accessible.

Sometimes you can take a couple unique entities like Venrez’s laid back spaced out vocals and Womack’s magically creepy guitar tones and you have something so interesting you can’t ignore it.  Ironically the sound sounds futuristic and retro at the same time, they’re like the “Steampunk” of rock.  It’s new but put together with classic parts that somehow fit together beautifully.

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Manchesterocks – Hang The Predator Single Review

A song which rears its ugly head out from the mundane and deservedly grabs your attention by the scruff of the neck

Within a heartbeat, Hang The Predator has you cloaked in fog, walking through dimly lit city streets on a bitterly cold winter’s night. You keep glancing over your shoulder, positive you heard echoic footsteps behind you, even a shadow creeping eerily out of sight every now and then – or so your terrified brain convinces you so. It makes your skin crawl at the mere thought of it.

It takes a special song to embed such vivid imagery within your imagination, especially at such a pace as this. The lead single from their forthcoming new album, Children of the Drones, Hang The Predator is a clarion call for all fans of dark, atmospheric grunge by the likes of Alice In Chains and horror-tinged rock n’ roll a la Alice Cooper.

“The chorus hammers home their Alice In Chains similarities like a stake into the heart of a villainous vampire.”

A reverb-soaked, grinding riff trickles like tar from their darkness enshrouded city streets sound. The drums slow but menacing, like a death march, with layered guitars icing the song with a prickling touch. Venrez’s vocals themselves are snarling, his surely blade sharp canines piercing into your head as he spits his lines. And the chorus; syncopated, bend heavy guitar work and singing hammers home their Alice In Chains similarities like a stake into the heart of a villainous vampire. The melodies and hooks at play here are deadly, infectious and highly impressive; it’s a song which rears its ugly head out from the mundane and deservedly grabs your attention by the scruff of the neck.

The single’s accompanying video is directed by a certain Christopher Coppola, nephew to director of The Godfather Trilogy, Francis Ford Coppola. While the images that Christopher Coppola has created for this video in no way reflect my own deluded imaginings, it serves as a testament to the powerful imagery that this song has – no matter what images do indeed crawl into your headspace, be sure to know they are going to be sickeningly strong.

“We had actually lost the lyrics to this song,” tells vocalist Venrez, after whom the band is named. “Our guitarist Jason Womack was about to trash an old cell phone, and before he did, he checked it and found these lyrics I wrote and had texted to him. For some reason, that was the only time I forgot to e-mail it to myself to save it. Funny that it ended up being our lead single for the new album, as the song nearly didn’t see the light of day. But now it’s one of our favourites from the Children of the Drones.”

Words: Phil Weller

Hang The Predator is now available on iTunes.

Children Of The Drones is released 24th April 2015 via Monarch Music Group.

The band have two local dates this weekend
6th – BOLTON – Railway Venue
7th – MANCHESTER – Bangkok Bar


New Hellfire Club UK – A Look At Californian Rock Heavy Hitters Venrez

Venrez are proving themselves to be a highly creative, hugely talented rock collective, who stay true to themselves and loyal to their fans. They also send out good solid rock vibrations which we can relate to and connect with on many intricate levels. 

Californian Rockers Venrez have one of the most creatively fluent approaches towards the music which they craft. A collective of individuals who came together through every day circumstance, uniting musical ideas through a mutual understanding of the root inspirations which lay within themselves. This brought forth a creative process which is not only in tune with themselves, but emanates a distinctive creative fusion, blending their undeniable raw talent with an underlying homage to what has etched an imprint on their musical souls, something in my opinion which works harmoniously with what people want to hear in a solid rock band these days.

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Venrez are a five piece collective with so many solid traits to bring to the table. This LA based rock outfit have plenty of musical experience under their belts with both guitarist Womack and drummer Ed Davis having previously played with Juliette Lewis and the Licks, guitarist Alex Kane is a former member of Life Sex and Death (LSD), and also Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, with bassist Michael Bradford being a childhood friend of Womack’s, so there’s certainly a strong musical chemistry there. Venrez have crafted a blazing hot sound that resonates with the fans on so many levels, maintaining a raw authentic feel to their live studio recordings, which is carried through into their live-on stage performances as well. The level of feeling and passion are as real and driving to the fans as if they are listening to a Venrez album or being rocked out in a stadium, It’s an outstanding creative attribute to harvest an authentic, less produced, studio sound and a sustainable bonus for their live performances. I would like to say that Venrez keep it real on all levels and have fused together typically all the musical influences that have penetrated their souls.

Jamie Mcdermid