New Video: Sacred Blood

The soundtrack theme song to the feature motion picture ‘Sacred Blood’, directed by Christopher Coppola, produced by Ross Angel & starring Anna Biani, Bailey Coppola, Michael Madsen, Bai Ling and Jeffrey Gliwa, from the Venrez album ‘Children Of The Drones’.

Sinister Angels Realm 10/10 – Children of the Drones review

Highly recommended! – 10/10

L.A. based rockers, Venrez are back with their third release, ‘Children Of The Drones’. Ven – vocals Jason Womack – guitars Nico D’Arnese – bass Ed Davis – drums. This time around the band serves up a sonic rock sound that seems them really going for the throat.
The album opens up with the atmospheric and moody mid tempo Hang The Predator before bursting into life with the albums rocking title track. Devils Due manages to somehow combine elements of the two previous tracks, with the vocal effects and up tempo riffs. Salvation is yet another fine rocking track that maintains the albums pace whilst twisting and turning through many tempo changes during its course.
Mist of Mercy slows things down a little with its acoustic driven intro and almost psychedelic feel. A great song that for some reason reminds me of US doom rockers Troubles more mellow moments.

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Sound Clash Review: Children of the Drones

So far, 2015 is panning out to be a fantastic year for AOR and the classic american rock sound we’re all very familiar with, but throw in a successful movie producer with dreams of creating a worthy rock band into the mix and you hear the unmistakable sound of Venrez. With two well-recieved albums already released (Sell The Lie and American Illusion), and the experience of touring with the established artist; Slash, and Alice Cooper, Venrez is certainly on route to be something of a stand-out artist on the scene with new album ‘Children Of The Drones’.

‘Children Of Drones’ is a very interesting album (to say the least). Heavy riffs and use of compression, phasers, and epic futuristic emulating effects takes Venrez in a completely different direction than most emerging artists seem to be heading towards. I’m not too sure which genre this music lends itself to, but i’m convinced that being unable to categorise this album can’t be a bad thing in a genre that can be pretty saturated with emerging artists who are striving to achieve a unique sound.

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The Front Row Report: 9/10 review for Children Of The Drones

venrez_children_of_the_dronesWhat do you get when you cross Nirvana, The Doors, Alice In Chains, and a former movie producer, Steven Berez? The correct answer is Venrez. Formed in 2011, the band has pushed out their third studio album, Children of the Drones, and set a new precedence for themselves in an album that balls up many facets of the rock spectrum to bring a new genre to the forefront as displayed on the groups Facebook page, Epic Alternative Rock.

The band, coming off touring with the likes of Alice Cooper, Buckcherry, Slash, and Hardcore Superstar, can add another notch to their belts. The first single released off the album, “Hang the Predator,” pulls you in with a small chant of “we must remember” coupled perfectly with a small electronic crescendo. With a grunge-styled guitar riff in the background, one that’s so solid that it can only help to compound the lyrical elegance over and over again of what the album is all about, “we must unite to hang the predator.” This is an album that is centered around a single predator, that of the government.

The band’s smooth, pacifying, unpretentious guitar riffs found throughout the album, mainly come to the forefront in songs like “Mist of Mercy” and “Reflection,” where they also mix flawlessly with lead singer Venrez’ voice. This unique album will leave the listener entrenched in a trance begging for more of the groups laid back, psychedelic style.

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MaximumVolumeMusic Review: Children Of The Drones

At 56, Steven Berez should have known better. At 60 he definitely should have. But come on, you’ve got a successful career as a Hollywood movie producer, you are entitled to a little bit of a mid-life crisis, right?

Actually if Venrez was the result of Ven (as his mates apparently call him) having a rock n roll itch to scratch, then by now it’s surely a full-blown rash, because some four years after forming, his band are onto album number three. And while they are at it, they’ve toured with Alice Cooper and Slash.

That’ll do you as a potted history, because here’s that third album to dissect, and it matters not what he did or didn’t do in the other career, only what the band sounds like.

The answer to that question is rather easy. In large part, and for much of this record, you keep thinking of one band in particular – Alice In Chains.


Musipedia of Metal – Children Of The Drones album review

Some of you might remember that I reviewed Venrez’s second album American Illusion in the early days of this blog and I was impressed by the band then, well luckily very little has changed on their third album the band are still purveyors of psychedelic, reverb driven hard rock that is part Alice In Chains part Wylde-era Ozzy. Once again the album lyricism focuses on the government, the failures of modern life and how much everything sucks really, still they do it backed by some muscular guitar work played deftly with low and slow guitar work from Jason Womack on Mist Of Mercy and Refelction.

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Rock N Load Review – Children of the Drones

Venrez, a well established Hollywood producer at 56 years of age decided he wanted to form a band; a rock band. In 2011 that is precisely what he did causing quite the intriguing and sensational stir, with their captivating sound which I reckon is a whole new genre and a breath of fresh air.

It’s a good job that some of life’s smarter decisions don’t materialise until the care free, ‘I’m invincible and oh just for the hell of it’ attitudes have cocooned, been reborn and blossomed into one of the finest ideas one could possibly have.

Against all odds Venrez have delivered two very successful LPs ( Sell The Lie and American Illusion).  Which lead to touring the USA and UK/Europe with Slash, Alice Cooper, Buckcherry and Hardcore Superstar. They have now embarked upon a third album which I found not only enchanting but down- right fantastic!

Maturity; along with a youthful mind and heart have been blended in this case, and is a rarity indeed.  You can’t be faulted for having an infatuation with a dream and ambition which Venrez obviously had been clutching close to his heart for some time. Songs like ‘Deep’ and ‘Reflection’ are slow, hypnotic with chiming guitar work echoing above the tinkling keyboards accentuating the heart pounding drum beats.


Dedicated Rocker Society – Children Of The Drones review

L.A. based rockers, Venrez are back with their third release, ‘Children Of The Drones’. Ven – vocals Jason Womack – guitars Nico D’Arnese – bass Ed Davis – drums. This time around the band serves up a sonic rock sound that goes for the throat. The most striking components for me, initially, are the pulsing, off-center arrangements of many of the tracks, suggesting a concept album built off of a palpitating heart monitor. Also notable are the thick textures and synths, which mesh with Jason Womack’s solid guitar delivery. There is something for everyone who likes any form of rock music on here.

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