VENREZ Prepares to Release New Album ‘Sell The Lie’

With more and more modern rock music sounding processed and over-produced, it’s refreshing to come across a new band that doesn’t forget the glorious sounds of raw rock music. And that band is Venrez, who are preparing to unleash their debut full-length, ‘Sell The Lie,’ on February 28th, 2012.

Comprised of singer Steven Berez (whose last syllables of his first and last name serve as the group’s nom de plum), guitarists Jason Womack and Alex Kane, bassist Michael Bradford, and drummer Ed Davis, the Los Angeles-based group cites such wide-ranging outfits as Alice In Chains, Jesus And Mary Chain, and The Doors as their influences. And Berez certainly approves of his group’s high-octane sonic cocktail. “I consider our music to be a 70’s beat that has been made 2012 fresh. It sounds like something you have heard
but then it’s clear you have not.”

As Berez explained, it wasn’t by accident how the debut album turned out, sound-wise. “The album was recorded live, as we wanted to give that live sound. I sang the vocals to the music, as if performing live. Therefore, we accomplished that live sound and feeling, which was exactly what we intended and wanted to do.”

And as evidenced by such standout tracks as “Karma” (a tune Berez describes as “written about a former partner who tried to hurt me”), “Insanity” (described as “my tribute to the goddesses of this world”) and the title track (which “speaks to the heart of corporate greed” and other wrong doings in the modern world), ‘Sell The Lie’ balances thought-provoking lyrics with raucous rock.

The group has already set aside much of 2012 to support their debut album the good old fashioned way – with heavy duty touring. “Venrez live is a very special rock show,” explains Berez. “All the members are amazing players and showmen. We go on feel a lot, and every live show is slightly different than the other – much like a Rolling Stones or Aerosmith concert. It’s big, in your face, captivating, and sexy as fuck!”

Soon, rock fans get a chance to sink their teeth into Venrez’s rough and rocking ‘Sell The Lie.’

By – Chee Kam
Pure Grain Audio