I’ll start by saying that American Illusion is not going to be popular with everyone, in fact the very reasons I think it’s a brilliant piece are the same reasons that some may criticise it… that’s ok. Music is a form of art, to be appreciated by those that understand it and deconstructed by those that don’t.

American Illusion flies in the face of what the “industry” tells us is great, it’s raw, it’s edgy and it speaks of hard work and ideals. An overarching theme lyrically is one of revolution, it’s a kind of 60’s ‘power to the people’ revolution, highlighting the inequality present in life. Again, some will find reason to be critical of this statement, but for me it reinforces a genuine quality of what could otherwise be yet another “let’s drink and womanise” hard rock offering. Not that I have anything against drink or women!

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