ven bioVENREZ – lead vocals, harmony vocals, lyrics

What do you say to a guy who at 56 years old says “I’m starting a rock ‘n’ roll band and I’m gonna do the impossible with it.”  In the case of Venrez, the man in question, you say “I know you will.”

Already a successful movie producer in Hollywood, when Ven (as he is known to his friends) formed his rock band in 2011, the detractors were everywhere.  Now, 4 years later, Venrez has self-released three well-received, well-reviewed LPs (Sell The Lie, American Illusion, and Children Of The Drones), toured the world numerous times with legends such as Alice Cooper and Slash as well respected and established bands like Buckcherry, Fuel, Hardcore Superstar, and punk legend Richie Ramone, and won a global following on his own terms by doing it the hard way, sweating it out with his crack band in front of packed houses the world over.  And the front man has no plans of slowing down anytime soon as, he says, “When I’m on stage with my guys, looking out and seeing the crowd bob and weave, I gotta say there’s nothing on earth that feels as good as fronting Venrez.”

5JASON WOMACK – guitar, vocals

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter and co-founding member of Venrez, Jason Womack is the band’s secret weapon.  After several years playing bass and writing for Juliette Lewis and The Licks, touring the world with her extensively, Jason found himself back in Los Angeles with a burning passion for new adventures and challenges.  Once Jason and Ven met (through a strange set of circumstances involving a tiki hut, a mutual friend and their mutual passion for creation), they almost immediately began working on music together which would soon lead to the formation of Venrez.  With a lifelong interest in science, those in the Venrez inner circle refer to Jason as “The Professor” and not without good reason.  Equally adept at guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and singing, Jason puts all the music and melodies to Ven’s lyrics.  As the band’s producer, he then rehearses and records the band himself creating and crafting the unique sonic pallet that constitutes the Venrez sound.  One of the most sought after and respected musicians in the influential Silver Lake music scene, Jason brings an entirely unique perspective to music and an intensity to performing that make him the perfect foil for Ven’s laid-back cool.


Charles Ruggiero was born to be a drummer. The son of world renowned jazz musician Vinnie Ruggiero, Charles spent his early years surrounded by the “who’s who” of Jazz. There was always music around, and with musicians like Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Freddie Hubbard, and Jon Hendricks coming to spend time and play, it was only a matter of time before he caught the bug and asked his father to play the “bang-bangs”.   Charles has played with the likes of Marilyn Manson to Motorhead and now with Venrez.

NICO D’ARNESE –Bass The band welcomes Nico back after joining us for our first headline tour ever in March 2015 of the UK and our Spain and UK tour in May of 2015 with Richie Ramone. Nico brings that original Venrez bad ass bass sound to the band that keeps our rhythm section popping.