Venrez are currently lined up as support for Buckcherry‘s latest tour, so as a long time Buckcherry fan I was pretty excited to get to review their second full release American Illusion. If you like you rock hard and heavy and your favourite music era is the seventies then you’re in for a treat. Despair not if you prefer more modern music – fans of 90′s grunge will also be happy and the band have been compared to Alice in Chains more than once.

The album kicks of with Unforseen, a glorious track that instantly harks back to the good old days when bands made the music they wanted and trashed their hotel suites. It’s a gloomy, slightly dirgeful song and it’s brilliant. There isn’t a single thing about this track that doesn’t work- it does remind me of Alice in Chains so grunge fans will be happy.

Suzi H