Meet the Band

Steven Berez, known to his friends as Ven, is the lead singer of the band Venrez. Ven is an LA native who started his career as a movie producer. Once he became a success at the age of 55, Ven decided it was time to fulfill his life long dream of forming a rock band, and thus Venrez was born.

Since then this frontman has worked hard and self-released multiple albums, including his most recent album Element 115. This new emerging band has toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Fuel, Hardcore Superstar, and punk legend Richie Ramone.

When speaking of his new album Element 115 Ven says: "I think it's what rock needs right now. It's melodic, heavy, the groove is unique and the songs have lyrics with powerful lessons and messages. Venrez is a cerebral band that makes you think while you enjoy the music. I feel it's a new genre all together, which I call 'Epic Alternative Rock'."    

Jason Womack 
is the former bassist and a co-song writer for Juliette Lewis and the Lick's and has brought his genius to Venrez from day one. Jason makes one guitar sound like 3, with a style second to none and in addition adds superb harmony as the backing vocalist for Venrez. Jason writes all the music for the band and has produced all the albums to date.           

It is no coincidence that Jason has been recognized for his talent. Not only is he the second-in-command for Venrez, but he also fills in for notable bands such as Fuel in his off time. He is also a dedicated husband and father of two boys. 

It is not a stretch to say that Jason is an essential member of the band. Ven and Jason are a perfect musical match, and the true heart and soul of Venrez. All eyes are on Jason, eagerly awaiting what he comes up with next.

All the way from France, Victor Singer is the drummer for Venrez. This young talented drumme
r brings a fresh and new sound to the band. He drives the group with his unique energy behind the kit, and his powerful playing always keeps the intensity at its highest. 

Seeking to master his craft at its finest, Victor studied with some of the most important drummers in the world such as Thomas L
ang, Gregg Bissonette, Rod Morgenstein, etc. His musical background and his education at the Berklee College of Music made him a versatile musician who can play anything from Pop to Jazz and everything in between.

Growing up listening to bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, The Red Hot Chili Peppers & Led Zeppelin, Victor's heart truly belongs to rock- and Venrez was the perfect match for him.

Gabe Maska is the newest addition to Venrez, coming to Los Angeles from Brazil to follow his dreams of playing music in the rock scene. Since his arrival, Gabe has made a name for himself as a bass player for the Whiskey's house band Royal Distortion. He has also been selected multiple times to perform in the Ultimate Jam nights, which showcases the best of the best artists in Hollywood.

There is no doubt that despite him being a newbie, he fit right in the rhythm section of Venrez with his phenomenal talent. His unique groove was the missing ingredient the band has been looking for, and we are all excited to see what he's got.